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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 18, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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after the state never calling ronald lipscomb and dropped two charges. >> you heard what the state promised they'd produce. you saw what evaporated. i think i'll have a comment or two about that. >> reporter: while weeder cannot comment, local attorney dwight did call it a smart move not to put the mayor on the stand saying given the state's weak case there is no need. >> reasonable doubt has been created. the jury should be confused by the evidence they received. i think it was a good decision on the part of the defense to rest. >> reporter: dixon still faces five charges of stealing gift cards. university of maryland law professor says removing the possibility distraction of lipscomb from the trial may help argue for a conviction on
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the remaining five counts. >> i think that was the reasoning for the prosecution. >> reporter: each side said they'd take an hour to put on their arguments. then the fate of mayor sheila dixon is in the hands of the jury. a standing ovations for the mayor at city hall today. the mayor wasn't needed at the white house after the defense wrapped their house. so she was able to attend the events happening across the city. at the rotunda today she joined just for men speaker theories. mayor dixon will be back in court tomorrow morning. we'll the inside that courtroom during her trial. every day we'll bring you the lights on air now breaking news update on that building collapse in locust point. a man trapped inside the building in the 1400 block of
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cook street a few blocks from silo point has been rescued. he was trapped in a basement. we are told he may have some broken bones but he is concious and breathing. we'll bring you more details as they come into the news room. you can see him being taken away by firefighters. remember to check for any updates on the story. baltimore city police say they are now looking for two suspects in a spring of rapes on the city's east side. less than an hour ago investigators announced dna evidence shows one of the rapes is not connected to the other. up to this point police thought the same man carried out two of the attacks because both of the victims were assaulted as they waited at bus stop back police identified a plan killed in a convenience store robbery last night. it happened at the business center in the 700 block of frederick road at 7:00 last night. police say a masked man entered
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the store and robbed them before opening fire without provocation. a customer, a 52-year-old died at the scene. paramedics rushed the store owner to shock trauma with a gunshot wound to the face. >> i don't want to talk about how i feel right now. they are saying he's stable. >> i don't know what kinds of money they could have gotten out of him. i guess they don't care about the quantity. it is crazy. >> police could use your help tonight. if you were in the area last night and saw anything suspicious you are asked to call baltimore county police or metro crimestoppers. friends and family said their final good-byes to a baltimore teenager who was raped and murdered last week. funeral services were held
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today for the 15-year-old at unity methodist church in baltimore. madison was raped, stab today death and stuffed into a closet inside a home in east baltimore. he attended the viviian thomas medical arts academy in west baltimore. he dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. the man you just saw is being held without bail in connection with the murder. funeral arrangements have been made for a maryland soldier killed in the fort hood shootings. í the lieutenant colonel will be buried at arlington national cemetery on monday. she helped service members cope with the mental strain of deployment. she was at fort hood getting ready to go to iraq herself. according to state data hospitalizations for untyped seasonal strains of flu fell last week. the numbers hit a high of 260 in the week ending october
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24th. the state board of public works takes another big chunk out of the budget. close to $364 million in programs and jobs were cut today. that translates to more than 112 jobs that will be eliminated or not filled. the department of mental hygiene is the hardest hit. the latest round, along with previous cuts mean that state services to marylanders will be diminished. >> they are not really being laid off. they are being fired. so these employees can't look forward to displacing people with lower level of seniority. when you can hand pick individuals who loose their job we have a problem with that, as well. there certainly will be more cuts. we'll fight them. >> so far $1 point is billion have been cut from maryland's budget. the baltimore city fire department hired two part-time
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ms to make sure they are on the streets in baltimore. they will work from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. the chief says many medic are overworked. >> i'm concerned as i ride along with these medics occasionally that they don't get overworked. i would say they are already overworked: this flu season has taxed us more. we need to give them a little bit of help. >> right now there are 24 me dick units on the streets of baltimore city. u.s. army corp of engineers is finishing up a survey of ocean city's beaches to add up the damage from last week's nor'easter. engineers say they should know by monday how much sands was lost in the storm. ocean city had a dredging project planned for next year. it will be mover up to replenish the beaches eroded. storms around tonight. tomorrow it is a difference
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story. we have showers moving in. nothing like what we had when the nor'easter came by the eastern seaboard. nothing showing unon maryland's most powerful radar. for the next couple of hours not too bad. mostly cloudy and breezy. temperatures will hold in the mid to low 50s. rainfall is on the way. when is it going to arrive? the answer is coming up. >> thank you. a 5 years old maryland give was month norred as a hero today for saving her mother's life. back in august she and her mother were alone in their home when they are mother started feeling sick. sharon, who has diabetes says she wasn't feeling good all day and she really doesn't remember much more. as she drifted in and out of conciousness the 5-year-old didn't panic. she grabbed the phone. >> i dialed 9-1-1. mommy taught me how. >> it could have ended in a different way. because she was so good and had
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the information i needed it turned out great. >> samantha was honored today for her quick-thinking by county commissioners. you can make this holiday season brighter for those in need. salvation army needs yours help. they are look for volunteers to ring the bells at the kettles. in the baltimore area the salvation army has 100 kettle locations. some uninvited visitors are causing quite a stir in one else air neighborhood. coming up, turkeys are pecking around just in time for thanksgiving. a first for stevenson university. we'll introduce you to the university's first head football coach. taking a a look at temperatures in brooklyn park. norm will have the full forecast coming up. queso. i need queso.
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one week before thanksgivinger use today seeing turkeys in the grocery store. people in the a belair community are seeing them in the yards. >> reporter: it started a few days ago. they found a visitor outside of her kitchen. >> we thought it was funny. it is a week before thanksgiving. >> reporter: those wild turkeys are testing their fate roaming this residential neighborhood a week before thanksgiving. one was pecking around on the deck. then two others followed eline
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right on to her deck. she blogged about the turkeys on belair news and views. >> i come home from grocery shopping. i went and got my cranberries saying run. >> reporter: people in the community spotted them in the middle of the road creating a traffic jam. >> it seems like those wild turkeys may have moved on to another neighborhood. who knows. maybe they are hiding from the camera. we have been driving around the community for a few hours now. we have not seen them. and we certainly haven't heard gobble gobble. there are plenty of pictures in the neighborhood. >> they were on my best friend's daughter's doorstep. yes, i did see the turkeys. >> i could leave a trail of food and they might go in the obvious and we are done. >> reporter: if you see the turkeys department of resources says look, take pictures but
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don't feed them. turkeys in the backyard a week before thanksgiving, that's giggles and gobbles. >> they know what's going on because it is illegal to kill a turkey in maryland right now. hunting season is in the spring. i often get questions at something good from school kid. we talk about cold fronts and warm fronts but they asked a ecolluded front. >> they do? >> i'm explain what it is. normally you have front, as it approaches, it is rubbing on the ground where we live. what happens is with an included front the upper air gets ahead of a surface front.
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it is a front boeing out. the top of the front is alead of the base. >> kind of a weird front. >> yes. exactly. i tell you what here's your two-degree guarantee today. high today bwi marshall. we hit the two degree guarantee. our winner this evening. wind from the east at 9. tides tomorrow winds tomorrow from the east. low this morning was 44. high today 57. temperature right now has slipped one degree to 56. when you figure out the breeze it feels like 32 in the oakland
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area. satellite picture throughout the day. we are watching an area of low pressure making its way in our direction. what's going on is we talked about ecolluded front. it is spinning offer area of low pressure. the front shows up not blue like a cold front or red like a warm front. it shows up as purplele. there is where the front is there. it means upper cooler air is ahead of the air down at the surface. that's it. what it looks like a diamonds and bumps. it is called pips and barbs. it shows up as purple. we have a front moving in our direction. ahead of it we get warm, southerly air coming in our direction. that's giving rise to the shower activity. that could eventually make its way in the ball area. right now nothing showing up on radar. nice, clear scan.
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that will be changing by tomorrow morning. right now 54. 53 glenwood. fred 54. arnold 54. 55 annapolis. rock hall 56. middle town 53 degrees. here's how the forecast works. there is where the front is there. the clouds continue to increase over the top of the baltimore area. during the day tomorrow you'll see the scattered showers move in the region. heaviest rain holds off until tomorrow evening. that gives way to decent weather on friday. during the day tomorrow mostly cloudy. scattered showers on and off. heaviest rainfall tomorrow. high tomorrow 62 degrees as a result of the warmer air coming in ahead of the front. extended outlook for the next seven days. sunshine returns on friday. saturday morn clouds back in the weather picture.rain on and off during the day on sunday. showers lingering monday morning. tuesday partly cloudy day. more rainfall in the weather picture on wednesday.
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we'll see you tonight at 11:00. ravens news now. cleveland browns quarterback brady quinn has been fined for his chop block in monday night's game. the hit game after quinn had thrown an interception in the ravens 16-0 win. quinn lunged while trying to tackle the quarterback. ray lewis called the hit a cheap shot. how much quinn has been fine is not known. quinn insists he was not trying to hurt him. he has apologized to him and the ravens. >> they are ready to take on the high-powered, payton manning-lead indianapolis colts team. it is a juicy subplot since the ravens just signed a replacement for steve who
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proved he could not fill stover's shoes in billy will be the kicker. he did a nice job. >> i went took school at arizona state and got my mba and job with vent your capital firm in phoenix. i have been having a real job living in the real world. i stayed in shape working out in the mornings. helping my wife with our daughter and hoping my chance would eventually come. >> we did it! >> we are not afraid of that. thing just didn't work out. we had it planned to bring him back if we needed him. all of a sudden the colts signed him. there he sits. it is juicy. i'm looking forwards to seeing what happens as we all are. payton manning's plan is like
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mine right now. i think a lot of guys around him are making a lot of plays as well. they just happen to be the next opponent. you have to expect what they have done and expect who they have as their leader and respect the things they do. we'll take it as they are the only team we have. we can't look ahead at the games we have ahead. they are the team in front of us. we have to go out there and play our best football next week. >> hopefully we can be the team that gives them their first loss. i got a lot of faith in our guys that we'll go out and do what we need do to put ourselves in a position to win a football game. >> the ravens take on the colts this sunday at 1:00. five months after announcing the start of their college football program stevenson university today announced their new head coach. the president dr. manning and
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members of the athletic department introduced the coach there morning. he's been the head coach for the football program for the last five years. while there he lead the nation's only deaf football program to a 22-16 recordtoday he was given the task of starting a program from scratch. >> it will be challenging. it is a challenge i'm ready to take on. i think we have tremendous support at the university. you can't ask for much more than that. >> stevenson will spend the next two years recruiting. next season will be a developmental here. mustangs will kick off the season in 2011. let's take another live look at city hall. pretty evening out there. norm is coming back with a final look at the forecast. our temperatures from perry hall 54 degrees. ♪
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